“An epic experience on Mars designed to create high impact teams following the training methodologies of Astronauts of the main Space Agencies”.

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A test bed to maximize human capabilities.

Be the first of the first. In 2035 the human being will have reached Mars. In Astroland we are testing in 2019 the technologies and human capabilities to establish a human colony on Mars. We have developed a scientific station, Ares Station, which reproduces the living conditions that we will encounter on the Red Planet. A Space Center from which to monitor all the activity of what happens in the station and a thorough training program from the scientific rigor so that the participants in the mission are able to face the different missions that they have to overcome under the complex conditions of life in a hostile and unknown environment like that of Mars.



The luxury of reinventing yourself again and again

Companies and human teams are subject to constant changes in business models that make the visions that try to draw an immediate future obsolete almost in real time.

Astroland Teambuilding, applies the most innovative methodologies experienced in the training of Astronauts in a premium experience that brings human capabilities to the most advanced level.

Living on Mars poses a turning point. A before and after in the creation of new ideas, products, services and resilient equipment prepared to reinvent each day.


To make individual decisions on which our life and that of our colleagues depend, the analysis of the specific demands of a task, the identification of optimal strategies, the resolution of conflicts in heterogeneous and international groups, managing the continued stress in situations of isolation affective, coping with the reduction of the quality of sleep, the ideal self-concept and the qualifications of peers, communication, cooperation, optimal management of the resources of the mission, exercising leadership under situational factors such as the pressure of time, have a critical and rational awareness of the limits of oneself and the group, are a good example of the learning that we apply and that not only have made survival possible in space missions but have allowed technological and social advances of incalculable value for the development of companies and of humanity.

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Ares Station is located inside a large cave isolated from human contact. The cavity, framed in an idyllic setting, is up to 50 meters high and 1.2 km long.

We have equipped Ares Station with everything necessary to test all the technologies and human performance capabilities that will be necessary for ten people to survive on Mars. Within it you can find: research laboratories, custom Astronaut suits, technical clothing for different missions, life capsules, hydroponics laboratory, autonomous power and water production systems, 3D printers, kitchen, leisure areas, gym, survival kits, food adapted to the needs of the crew, robot explorer, meters, sensors.

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A totally immersive space adventure.

The members of the mission experience unforeseen and unimaginable situations, develop their skills in an extreme environment and defy all limits as people and as a high impact team. They will apply the latest techniques of physical, mental, technological and humanistic training to overcome challenges that can only be found in deep space exploration.

Maximal Astrolander Resources in Space eXercise and Food Intensive Training

Maximal Astrolander Resources in Space Mental Instruction and Neurological Development

Maximal Astrolander Resources in Space Technical Excellence and Abilities on Mission

Maximal Astrolander Resources in Space Human+: Towrds an augmented Humanity


The return to Planet Earth

Astroland Teambuilding is a transformative experience oriented to results. It relies on the collaboration of Astroland with numerous experts from various scientific areas, from physical and nutritional training to neuroscience, space exploration, genetics and human and social sciences. It is a program in continuous development designed so that experiencing life on Mars has an impact of high added value applicable to the day to day of our life on Earth.

The main goals of the program are:

Improve productivity and psychological well-being.Provide a global and specific vision.

Create a collective mind that reinforces the bonds of the group cohesive and endowing it with mutual trust.

Increase the capacity for internal and group listening through the development of mechanisms that help us to manage concepts such as expectations, needs and concerns.

Aumenta la capacidad de escucha interior y grupal a través del desarrollo de mecanismos que nos ayudan a gestionar conceptos como expectativas, necesidades y preocupaciones.

Decision making. Accelerated learning capacity under pressure, rationality and resolutive capacity in conditions of extreme survival.

To face the high demands of the daily routine. Application of high and low level awareness techniques, positive self-instructions and mental practice of stress management.

Resilience. Confront change, address risk and uncertainty from innovation, ingenuity, and cognitive curiosity generating personal autonomy related to group objectives.

Be part of that small number of people who make decisions that change the direction of your company and humanity. Activate your team's mission.